I'm Back!

Just to let you all know we're back.. lots of tales to tell.. but first I need to unpack, take a shower and probably eat something.. will be back to my regular posting on Thursday.. and it'll be about a new sponsor and then on Monday D's big milestone.. if you like cute pictures you'll want to be here..

And a little something just for all my fellow coffee lovers source

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Diana Marks said…
Glad to ready you are back!
LA By Diana Live Magazine
Glad you're back and can't wait to see and "hear" about your trip!!
Krugthethinker said…
Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing about the trip! And I hope you can all take it easy for a few days while adjusting to the time change!
s said…
welcome back!!!!! xO!
Hope it was a gret trip! Can't wait to see pictures.
his little lady said…
Yay to being back. Can't wait to read your new posts! :)
xo TJ
Unknown said…
Welcome back. Ive been away too!
Sarah Roads said…
Looking forward to hearing all about it! Thanks for stopping by High Styling.
welcome back! love that coffee pic... I can never get the day started without one!
Elle Sees said…
I could use some coffee myself this morning!
LizB said…
Wow, blogging before eating...not in my lifetime : D

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