I've Got Mail!

In last weeks post I told you all about the fantastic blog swap I was participating in.. I am a bit late in posting the contents of my package.. mainly because my sister in law had a baby and we made an impromptu flight to Texas.. we had some great family time over the weekend. We got back last night and elated to find a package waiting for me at the door.

How awesome are all these goodies, especially the camera tray? A great big thank you to Elizabeth.. this was perfect.

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Chelsea said…
How cute! I love love that book!
Elsa de Diego said…
Congrats for the new family member! Always a big blessing. And also those goodies are amazing. Elizabeth has great taste! Enjoy! xoxo
s said…
oooh burts beeswax!!!! thats my fave chapstick! i use it religiously.... love it!!! xO!
My aunt read that book and she loved it. And the tray is awesome!
Yay, she did such an awesome job!
rooth said…
That's the best kind of mail to get!
j said…
Mail is always exciting but a package of treats is the best!
erica marie said…
so fun, I've always wanted to participate in something like that.

xo erica
Krista said…
Good mail is THE best! Love this idea/ exchange! What blue items did you send? :)

Krugthethinker said…
Awesome! How great is it to get mail that isn't a bill, and, even more, gives you lots of fun surprises!
Caro * said…
Cute !! :)
What a great swap! Enjoy your new things!! And congrats on the new baby!
Heidi-and-Seek said…
FUN, I love getting packages in the mail!!! That camera tray is fantastic :)
That camera tray is so cute!!! I would love to know where she found it!
mauishopgirl said…
What a fun idea and a great way to connect with bloggy friends.

I'm dying over that camera tray. I really really want one now.

Thanks for stopping by today, nice to meet ya.

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