A Little Something for Denise Richards

Once again thank you to everyone who commented, your feedback makes my life a little easier. It came down to another very close call..

 I too was torn by the serene perfection of 'Blue'

 and the charm and character of the nearly deserted 'Boardwalk'

In the end I went with what I love most about travel, architecture and new places; character.

In case you missed it, here's what I gifted Bethenny Frankel, Jenny McCarthy and most recently Genevieve Gordor.

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s said…
wow you're such a nice person to do that! lovely work too! xO!
rooth said…
That's a pretty shot of the boardwalk - what a lovely gift
Unknown said…
Both of the photos are so pretty, you're very talented! x

Helena Resende said…
Great post! :)
Lovely photos and they make great gifts. I am still trying to figure out our new camera. I am your newest follower. Come on over to say hello. I am having a Giveaway.
Lyndsay said…
Both photos are absolutely stunning.
Great pictures and you could hardly go wrong with either (any) of them! I hope Denise loves it!!
I missed the previous post about this gift, but both shots are gorgeous. Either would have been a great choice. What fun to be able to gift your photos.
Krugthethinker said…
I think you made the most lovely choice--the color of the sky in that picture is just unreal! Beautiful work, Hena.
Krista said…
They're both such beautiful shots! You have a great eye! I do think the deserted "Boardwalk" shot has a certain something about it though...

Great decision and so generous of you! That broadwalk image is utterly heavenly!

Have a lovely day!
Chelsea said…
Wow, your photography is amazing! I'm so glad that you found my blog so now I can follow yours! :)
j said…
They are both very nice but I really love the shade of blue in the water photo.
Marie said…
Both photos are amazing. Very beautiful...
SO gorgeous, your photography is just stunning.
Caro * said…
Lovely place ;)
Unknown said…
beautiful photography!

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