Ocean City, New Jersey

We are at the end of the trip.. the trip we took at the end of May.. :) but I am enjoying the experience of reliving it through my posts.

We are now back in New Jersey and stopped in none other than the Jersey Shore.. and saw our fair share of GTLers. Our hotel was in Somers Point just a few minutes and a bridge away from Ocean City. We spent all of our time on the boardwalk.. and spent some time in both Gillians Wonderland Pier and well as Playland's Castaway Cove. 

 D had his first ride.. 

we all sat on our first Ferris Wheel 

and had our first funnel cake 

We had breakfast at Uncle Bills Pancake House.. a nice breakfast but nothing out of this world.. why I bring it up is because of one of the reviews I read.. the reviewer called Uncles Bills 'the hoosters of high school girls' and she went on to say most people come to this particular pancake house to 'keep Dad happy - stare at the girls in their little dresses and think what he wants'  Boy was this woman delusional.. because I would call these young girls anything but hootertastic.. there little dress were large shapeless polo shirts hanging off their not so developed bodies. M and I chuckled through breakfast talking about the review. And what type of a Mom picks a breakfast house just to keep pervy Dad happy? Seriously.  

And so came to an end our road trip.. thanks for letting me share it with you and hope you had fun. 


Great pictures!!
Annie said…
Sounds like fun...and all those food pics look delish :)

The Other Side of Gray
are you serious about that review? She must be the perv! Unbelievable! Well, the food looks yummy all the way and the weather seemed lovely! I have never been on a ferris wheel! What's your honest impression of Ocean City? Is this the so-called Jersey shore? Dying to know!
Hena Tayeb said…
Ocean City is actually a dry city.. so it was good to see that the people there were all families and teens.. no drunken disorderliness or crazy partying. I think other cities along the shore may have more home a Jersey Shore vibe but it was pretty tame in OC but we did see more than a few snoki and the situation look a likes.. that's jersey for you. :)
Kimberly said…
Beautiful pictures! Although taunting a dieting woman with funnel cake is just cruel. Looks like fun!
Katia said…
Such great photos! Nice blog :)
SO FUN! And I want some funnel cake now!
j said…
That review is kind of funny and even better that it was so wrong. All that junk food looks delicious {we call funnel, cake fried dough in New England}.

All my Boston fun was had on my lunch break. I work about 2 blocks from the water so it's nice to be able to take a lunch break like that every now and again.
Karen Presecan said…
Love funnel cake! Looks like you had a great day!
Unknown said…
Those fries look incredible!!! How fun ;)
Jill said…
Looks like another great day! Funnel cakes are a must at carnivals and the Ocean!

Yum, funnel cake. One of life's great pleasures. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, liz
Unknown said…
Oh goodness, does it look like you guys had fun. Funnel cake really is the best thing ever. I've eaten at Uncle Bill's and I have to agree; it isn't out of this world. This is making me really regret not making it "down the shore" this year!

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