Dining Chairs Redone

When D allows, which is not very often I like to have my breakfast while watching Good Morning America and maybe even squeeze in a little Kelly Ripa. Luckily, I was able to catch GMA the day Lara Spencer shared with us her passion for interior design and she even gave a few tips she uses in her home. One of them, upholstering dining table chairs with shower curtains. Yes, shower curtains! If I was a cartoon character you would have seen a light bulb go on outside my head! It is child resistant which is exactly what we needed. Our old chairs were very gross and only getting more questionable with D's every meal.

Now we were on the search for the perfect shower curtain. Our living area is divided by our sofa and behind it is our dining area. The dominant colors in the area are dark gray and black, white and red. We were looking preferably for a pattern and we wanted to keep the budget low. Our choice of shower curtain:

I am a bit disappointed with the pictures I took..our little monkey was all over us and the project at hand, the not so perfect little helper.

Step One: Unscrew and remove the existing cushion and wipe it clean.

Step Two: Place your cushion on the fabric and cut around it leaving a few inches all around for wrapping.

Step Three: Pull the edges in tightly and hammer in nails to fold everything in place, a staple gun may be a better option but like most people I don't have one. Flip over the cushion and re attach it to the frame. Step back and admire your handiwork or in my case M's handiwork : )

and then go on to do the next three.. but don't forget to do the oh so important before and after comparison.


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  1. Well this is cool. I would have never thought about it! Enjoy your new chairs!

  2. I LOVE THIS. just AMAZING, and def something i want to do. thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Oh cool! I really like the shower curtain you picked out - the colour and print is just so pretty x

  4. Love the color, pattern and contrast!

  5. beautiful DIY! Thanks for sharing
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  6. This is amazing! U saved a lot of $$$$ there...And the result couldn't have been any better. Congrats! xoxo

    1. thanks.. i think the low $$ was a great motivation to do it.

  7. That is so clever! I love the print you chose!

  8. Oh my goodness, it looks amazing.


  9. Nice covers!


  10. Nice! Now everyone can spill things all over them. I've never known anyone who used a shower curtain before. I generally use/suggest laminated fabric or a vinyl, but that looks like it turned out very well and might even be cheaper. :)

  11. What an awesome idea! I love the pattern and the color scheme. I will bookmark this for when we have little ones!

  12. That truly is genius! I could swear I had a little cartoon light bulb moment myself when I read this too! The end result is gorgeous - and practical, thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. That is so cool! I never would have thought of shower curtains!! Thank you for the comment and the movie was alright. =)

  14. wow, these are gorgeous!

  15. Such a difference! Good job!!!

  16. Very nice!! I know you will enjoy these much more!


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