Washington DC

We arrived in DC early evening and checked into the very nice Savoy Suites in the Glover Park area. No complains with the hotel, very friendly people at the desk, they had a shuttle that ran every half hour to take you to the Metro and the driver Mustafa gave you his number so he can come for a pick up at other times too.. my only issue was that on our last day, during a D melt down we decided to come back to the room around 5ish and our room had yet to be cleaned.. 5pm is a late for a still messy room..but other than that I would stay here again.

We freshened up and headed out for dinner.. at no more than a minutes walk was Surfside, a Mexican spot. A less commercial and gimmicky version of Chipotle. Good food, you order at the counter like in a fast food place, there were little color coded order forms for those who wanted to build their own plates or you pick off the chalkboard menu. 

 I had the Cabo San Lucas (above) and M had the Belize (below)

The next morning we woke up to rain and we weren't sure what to do about breakfast, walking around was out of the question so we opted to take the shuttle to the metro and get to the National Mall area and just grab something. In hindsight, bad idea. Near the Woodley Park Zoo/Adam Morgans Metro we spotted Open City a nice looking coffeehouse. Or so we thought, average service, below average food, uneven floor made our chairs rook, the salt shakers were clogged.. it was just disappointing.. 

At the National Mall, we spent our time between the two Smithsonian Museums, Natural History and Air and Space. 

Afterwards the plan was to bike around the area in the evening.. we were starting to run late and hadn't eaten and were forced to stop at a place called Ollie's Trolley. It looked highly questionable and smelled odd. but it hadn't stared to rain again and the day had been bumpy. Surprisingly the burger was good but the smell of the place was enough to make me sick..and then we get a call from the bike people to say that they will be continuing with the tour but considering we had a toddler with us they wanted to give us a heads up that the forecast was for rain and it was going to get worse.. so we cancel and now have an open evening and would have had more time for a better meal. We go back to the hotel to get our car and just drive around DC, over the bridge and into Arlington and back and stop for some gelato at Pitango, the saving grace to our otherwise food challenge day. Oh and plus, it didn't rain!

The next day we eat at the Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown. An improvement for sure, great coffee. We drive over to the Hillwood Estates Museum and Garden, the once home of American collector and heiress to the Post cereal empire Marjorie Merriweather Post. So beautiful. 

There were a lot of no photography areas and we ended up spending a lot more time than intended.. Next stop Alexandria. Where we ended up having yet another sub par lunch.. we were having serious problem, this chain of bad food was getting on our nerves and increased the pressure of finding something good.. argh! We rode the trolley

And ate the cupcakes that would turn our food karma around.. :) Lavender Moon Cupcakery. A fun little shop off King St. with a variety to choose from. We went with chocolate chocolate for M and chocolate peanut butter for myself and a vanilla lemon curd for later.. I wanted to try the orange dreamsicle too but I can never look over peanut butter. 


We had dinner with some old friends that night, somewhere in Maryland, Guapo's it was called. Some good Mexican food and laughs with old friends. We woke up the next day with breakfast on our minds again. While the Patisserie Poupon had been good it hadn't been filling and we were on our way out of DC with a long drive ahead of us. I remembered a friend mentioning Founding Farmers and when I had thought of it before it had always been out of the way. But today nothing was out of the way. We are so glad we went, in fact if we had know about the awesomeness of this place we had driven out of the way everyday. Seriously!

A cream cheese filled Banana Foster French Toast for M and a Drag Through the Garden 
veggie scrambled egg for me

I know this one turned about to be quite a long one, promise it was the longest.. 

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Jean said...

the food looks just amazing!

Jen said...

Holy moly, cream cheese filled bananas foster french toast, I need that!!
Great pics :-)

j said...

Sorry about your disappointing food but at least things got better. Cupcakes will help most problems - good decision on the peanut butter.

There's a food court that is under a national monument in DC {a tower of some sort} that is not fancy or anything the shops let you try a sample so you know what you are getting yourself into.

I was so hungry at one of the museums last time I went and everything was so expensive that I wound up buying a container of baby carrots and then shoving pickles into the empty spaces of the container from the condiment bar. Weirdest. Lunch. Ever. In my defense I was a poor student back then and the carrots cost a lot. :)

dbk design said...

love dc and alexandria-lived there for many years--sorry about your food disappointments, there are so mant fabulous places to eat in the area!

JacPfef said...

this post just made me so hungry!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Washington D.C!!!!! Such a fun place to go with the family ;) Fun pictures!

Jess said...

are you still in DC? i live here and can recommend some great places.

Katy said...

Next time you come to DC, you have to try the cafeteria at the Museum of the American Indian-- it's seriously one of the best lunches in the city, all foods are native to the Americas, divided up by region. So amazing. I bring everyone who comes to visit there.

Founding Farmers is amazing-- I'm glad you found it!

Unknown said...

It's amazing to be able to kind of travel with you! Thank you for sharing this & for your sweet comment.

KathrynDesigns said...

Lovely post, and now I know where to go for cupcakes when I visit DC later this summer!

Unknown said...

Oh, I love DC! Vienna is one of my favorite cities!

Krugthethinker said...

I love your pictures! The one of the three of you on the bridge is so lovely! I totally feel for you--no matter how hard we try to line up good places to eat when we travel, sometimes they are just...duds. I am glad the bad streak was redeemed by cupcakes!

The Flightless Gal said...

Ah! Those foods look delectable!

Hannah said...

The food looks delicious!

LoudWaterfall said...

Great. Now I'm hungry .... ! Very cute photos of your little one exploring!

Hena Tayeb said...

You know what I saw that food court on yelp and I passed on it.. if only..

Hena Tayeb said...

You are so welcome. I love to be able to share it with you all.

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