Road Trippin'

Hey everyone.. we are getting ready for a road trip.. : )

Though first I'd like to say thank you so much for all the lovely Mother's Day comments.. yes he has big cute  eyes and he knows how to use them..

Now back to the road trip. We love a good road trip and try to take one every year.. M does most of the driving, D naps in the back and I talk, sing (badly) and read. We will drive down to Baltimore, take D to his first aquarium and then head on over to DC then Virginia.. drive along the Skyline Drive, make stops in Charlottesville, Richmond, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Hoping the weather cooperates with us and we have nothing but clear skies and warm sunshine. We'll swing by Assateague Island to see some wild ponies and then finish off in Ocean City, New Jersey. D might just ride his first Ferris Wheel.

We love good food.. breakfast is very important and we live for dessert. Have you been to any of these places, live there perhaps, have some must eats, must sees, must dos.. please share.

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  1. Safe travels!
    When you finally escape the Baltimore Aquarium, go have dinner at McCormicks and Schmick's. They never disappoint.

  2. It sounds like you're about to go on one hell of an amazing road trip! I hope that you have lots of fun xx

  3. i'm road tripping this weekend, too! love singing at the top of my lungs the whole way there. :) xo! blog.tarapolly.com

  4. sounds like you have a well planned out road trip! Take lots of pictures : )

  5. Have fun there! Sounds amazing (:

  6. I wish I could help with food but I stopped once in VA and when we walked into the restaurant there were people smoking. It's been so long since that was allowed up here I couldn't bear to stay and eat there. I have only driven through the other two states but I hear they are nice. Have you tried Yelp? It's how I've found some great places.

    Have a great time!

  7. I'm in Williamsburg! Love Richmond.See Cary Street!

  8. Sounds like great fun, and I love that photo at the top of the post! I have spent woefully little time on the East coast, so I especially look forward to hearing the highlights of your trip--have a wonderful time!

  9. i love dessert too! i also love a road trip though haven't done it with the three kiddos yet. might be another few years before we go with all of them. but sounds like a great trip. enjoy the time away!


  10. so jealous! i love road trips!

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  11. the roadtrip sounds great! I would love to do one someday!

  12. That sounds like it is going to be a beautiful trip. I love road trips! I hope you find some good eats :]

  13. Hope you had as good as good a time as you planned and that D got to ride the Ferris. X

  14. sounds like a great time, would love to see the pictures of the skyline drive. I always plan to do it and we never do, maybe this Fall!


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