Jenny McCarthy

Yes, it has happened again.. I am on a lucky streak and I hope it never ends.. Thanks to The Artisan Group I have been given the opportunity to gift the fabulously funny Jenny McCarthy.

Now from what I have been able to gather so far she does not like clutter. Her decor style is modern. She likes color and texture as well as nature. 

So here's the breakdown:

Nature and Colorful (as colorful as my usual somber work is)

 Colorful and Textural


I think the mosaic heart would be an amazing one! The colors are gorgeous, and as a mother, I'm sure it will really hit home. Mothers give and love SO much. It will be an inspirational reminder each time she looks at it. <3
Mark said…
I was going to totally say "mosaic" before you mentioned it. You should have let us suggest something before you mentioned what you liked. Now, you think I'm lying. I'm not!
Your Friend, m.
totally impressed by your work. I love all of them, but I'm leaning towards the lavender fields or the first one, the staircase, they are total opposites, and I know she's a Scorpio, people who are fascinated by extremes, just like I'm. My two cents.
now that I'm staring at it, it's not a lavender flower is just a purple flower. Oops!
Hena Tayeb said…
thank you Patricia. I need everybody's cents.. I am usually good at making decisions but when it comes to my work it's like picking a favorite child..
Hena Tayeb said…
ha! you, lie, never. ;)
Alexa said…
I really like the lavender. You do amazing work! :)
There are so many amazing photos here that it's hard to choose. I love down the rabbit hole, dipped purple and mosaic... they could hang in my house anytime!
Claire said…
what pretty pictures!
Evelisa said…
They are all amazing. But the heart probably would have more sentimental value to it.
Unknown said…
Sitting Blue and Down the Rabbit Hole are DEFINITELY my top two.. Great job!
WHOA! That's too cool! Congrats Hena! Your pictures are so brilliant!

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