Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


Mark said…
Now I know why my daughter insisted on taking Cat In The Hat to school today. Makes sense!
Have a good weekend!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate the comment and it led me to your blog which is lovely! I became a follower! :)

Unknown said…
These are some cool Dr. Seuss pictures and cakes. I'm going to take my nieces to see The Lorax, what a cute movie!
Bonnie said…
A BIG Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss today! :)

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Bravoe Runway said…
Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss today! Love the tribute :)
Inés said…
Lovely blog! Great post!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting
Have the best weekend!

Big hugs!

gosh i {love} dr. suess.
those cakes are out of this world!
Aww how cute is this!
Jessica said…
Love Dr. Seuss!

P.S. We are having a giveaway for a personalized necklace on our blog. If you have time please stop by and enter.
Kathy said…
I grew with Dr.Seuss! Love it! xoxo
christinerojas said…
I love him!

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