Celebrity Gift

Option2: Emptiness

 Option3: Light

More photographs can be seen here.

Let's Stay Connected, Shall We?


Unknown said…
Congrats Hena.. Bethenny will love anything you give her.. I, myself love Option 2: Emptiness.

Good luck in getting everything together.. You'll do great!
those are indeed great news, for your artistry, choose well and good luck, let us know how it all went down?
Congrats Hena! This is huge! I love that... "never assume anyone is smarter than you" comment. Very true and powerful! It made me think and I too will carry this with me when feeling out of my element. Thanks again! I choose option 3... and thanks for stopping by the blog today! Let me know what you think of the blogs that are new to you... :)
j said…
Thank you for visiting my blog! Congratulations on your opportunity! That sounds really exciting but it does look like a tough decision. You should definitely post what you decide though, I'd love to see.
Love the quote. Maybe I should think that every now and then :)

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