The Books of 2011

I love to read.. I could finish a book a day forgetting the world around me. But I can't.. with a rambunctious toddler you get no time for yourself until your child naps.. and then you have a whole other list of things you need to get done.. and bedtime can not come sooner.. and you simply don't have enough hours in a day. But I can't not read. Sure it take me a month.. sometimes more to finish a book.. but I must make time to read. I am no particular genre of interest. I am willing to read anything that captures me. And if it doesn't there was time when I would still finish it.. a courtesy to the writer and a hope that it will surprise me. Unfortunately, I no longer have the patience for that. If i'm not hooked by the first hundred pages or so I must move on to the next tale on my bookshelf.

What I read this year:

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. I started with some laughs. He is a very different kind of funny.. he never fails to entertain and to think this was his life.. his real life.. I count my blessing and appreciate the normalcy of mine.

Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell: A quirky small English town murder mystery which was more funny than thrilling. Oddly I don't remember the end of it.. I am trying to recall and I can remember the overall plot but the who did it has been forgotten. Not a very memorable book I guess.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who played with Fire by Stieg Larsson: If you haven't heard of this series you must get out from whatever rock you are living under. If you haven't read it I advise you to read it. I haven't gotten my hands on the third book yet but I will devour it as soon as I get it. I personally preferred the first book over the second but they are all worth the read.

Hunger Games, Catching Fire and MockingJay by Suzanne Collins: Now for me this was an amazing series.. I waited all day for night to come so that I could read some more.. I thought  about the characters and what would happen next during the hours I wasn't reading. I was obsessed. I assume this is what Twilight fans feel like. But the illusion of its awesomeness was broken when my husband started reading the series and was not as in awe of them as I was. He preferred the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I suppose that these books are geared more towards a young adult audience and while both books are from a girls perspective Lisbeth is mature and twisted with a violent edge. While Katniss is the exact opposite but with a violent edge. Still a highly recommended read.

Currently I am reading 61 Hours by Lee Child: I have read enough to know who I feel about the book yet.

I started to read a few other books too.. but couldn't finish them.. Bullyville by Francine Prose it was intended for a much younger audience and I could get through even the first few chapters. Another was The Exception by Christian Jungersen: This one by husband read and said there was a great twist in the end but the con was that you had to get through the entire book to get there and it just wasn't worth it.

What have you read this year? Any recommendations to add to my list of next years reading?

Currently waiting on my bookshelf are:
Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris
Maps of Hell by Paul Johnston
Ravens by George Dawes Green
Nobody Move by Dennis Johnson


designchic said...

I've read several of these, but glad to hear about others...needing a new one now!!

Chatty Crone said...

You sure do have a lot of books there ready! sandie

Rebecca Nelson said...

I love to read and someday hope to get back to doing more of it. Maybe when our makeover home projects are more under control.

One thing my hubby and I love to do together is listen to books on tape while we drive. We've had to take some unexpected long drives out of state over the past three years and the hours literally flew by while we listened... Not as good as reading a book for yourself but better than nothing!!!!


JanandJill.com said...

This is such a cool post, I'm always trying to get more inspired to read more these days and I'm reading the "help" right now but I really want to read the Hunger Games. I'm so glad you mentioned it.

Following you now,

Unknown said...

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Luna S said...

you have such a lovely blog!


Mangotatoes said...

thanks for such a sweet comment! I love this post, I'm an avid reader and have been looking for some more books!



Patricia Villamil said...

Hi there, I too love to read and you got me curious about Hunger Games, it's not the first time I hear about this book. They say it' sensational and that you can't leave the page. Maybe I'll finally read it.

Unknown said...

I used to read a TON. Lately not as much free time (perhaps i have replaced reading with blogging?) anyway, Im so glad you commented on my blog! Im happy to have discovered yours! I am going to start following you as soon as I finish this comment! I received the hunger games as a gift and had forgotten about the series until you mentioned it! Thank you!



Hena Tayeb said...

I love hearing everyone get excited about books.. especially the Hunger Games series..

Kristin E Bazan said...

the hunger games and the millennium series are some of the best books i've read in the past few years. currently i'm starting the song of fire and ice series (a game of thrones is the 1st book.) i always recommend my name is asher lev by chaim potok to people. it's my favorite book.

Hena Tayeb said...

I will look into those A+O. Always looking for great new books.

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