A Little Something for your Ears

Wild Woman Jewelry

See you back here next week.. for a little less photographs and a little more me. Things going on and things to come.. till then have a great week.


What a fantastic collection of earrings!
thank you so much! such gorgeous ear candy :) happy holidays!
Unknown said…
delighted to be included here with so many lovelies... thanks so much!
Ella said…
Love them! Such a gorgeous collection. The second one is my favorite :)
his little lady said…
those joo joo land earrings are gorgeous ;)
xo TJ
Hannah said…
Great selection! I have a serious weakness for earrings.

Thanks for stopping by my blog btw!
Laura said…
I love those Foundling earrings. So simple yet so cute.

Laura x
t said…
Cool earrings!

Miss Amy said…
wow, these are stunning. I especially love the silver upside down flower. Are they bluebells? So gorgeous!
Tiffany Kadani said…
Love these! I especially love those flower ones. Reminds me of Hawaii!
these are so beautiful!
love the silver flower ones!
great choices, thanks for sharing!

marni zarr said…
"uh oh" earrings are adorable. love your photography. i've been perusing your shop and like the dreamy detail. great work!
DWei said…
Makes me wish my girlfriend had her ears pierced. :(
Hena Tayeb said…
Aww DWei that is so sweet.
stephanie said…
these are all gorgeous! especially love the 3rd ones down!
renee said…
those uh-oh earrings are just adorable!

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