Holiday Gift Show.. the results

Hey everyone.. happy holidays..!! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays with family and food.. :) 
Remember I told you all about my Holiday Gift Show last week.. firstly I want to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.. but now the moment i'm sure nobody was really waiting for but I'll tell you anyway.. the results are in.. I've crunched the numbers and after a few weeks of preparations.. and 3 hours of the show minus set up time.. (scroll down to see the rest)

we had a total of 30 something attendees. Yes.. you heard me.. 30! Of that I'm sure that 25 of them we're there just to see their kids preform as the carolers.. The choirs of two school's were there. Of which 15 stopped by to say hello... 10 told we my work was so beautiful. Two took my business card.. 5 asked me for directions.. one asked me the identity of one of the birds in a photograph, one asked me if I had an photographs of Buddha, which I do not. And I think that just about covers it. Fun fun fun.. blah blah blah.. argh argh argh.. 

I am hoping the Gallery produces better results.. 

Next week tune in for a year in review.. you may have missed ever post I've written but this is not one to be missed.. I'm am sharing lots of pictures.. 


Catherine Denton said...

Sorry your turn out wasn't so great. But your pictures look amazing. Good luck with the Gallery. And I'm not on Bloglovin yet, but I'm gonna follow with the follow button. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you're new to reading somebody's blog, you don't know that all of your questions have already been answered. Hey, at least it was a great low-key way to get started (no pressure!) and now you know what you're up against for the future... that's always the scariest part!

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