The dress



Maureen said…
I love that 1st dress! So romantic and pretty!!!
Maureen said…
P.S. Found you as a fellow Artisan Group Member! :)
Mallory said…
i love that illustration by laura's paint palette - i wish i owned a dress like that!
Lara Harris said…
Thank you so much for including my vintage dress painting in your post! xx LARA :)
Katrina said…
Gorgeous picks! Thank you so much for featuring my work :)
Gorgeous dresses! And thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment...really nice to hear from you x
Fabulous!! Such lovely dresses! Thank you so much for including mine here. :)
rooth said…
Oh my, I really like that first dress! It wouldn't look good on me but I'll admire it from afar.

Thanks for visiting my blog - please come back soon!
Hena Tayeb said…
Thank you all for the lovely comments.. it was I who was lucky to find such amazing pieces.. and I am sure there are so many more just waiting to be discovered.
Oooh so many pretty dresses. Im really loving the one by Qoo Qoo!

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