Quebec City

The last stop on our Canadian road trip was Quebec. We stayed within the walls of Old Quebec at the charming and oh so beautiful Hotel Marie Rollet. My photographs with a diaper clad D scurrying on he bed do not the room justice. By day six or seven of your road trip with a toddler.. you realize that you are no longer on top of everything. Your luggage that started out as four bags has now somehow mutated into six.. counting the canvas bags full of things that no longer seem to have a place. We did not shop.. we are not big shoppers.. but visually it seemed like our belongings had doubled. I usually remembered to take photographs of our meals well after we were three quarters into it.

With all that said.. we loved Quebec City. It was everything I had imagined Montreal to be. We were few minutes walk away from Chateau Frontenac and the boardwalk like area called the Dufferin Terrace with a picture perfect view.

We opted to stroll down the Côte de la Montagne, a steep winding street that connects the upper town and lower town instead of taking the funicular.

Then we took the steps down to the Breakneck Stairs. We window shopped.. ate some more gelato : ) at Madame Gigi Confiserie and just enjoyed the lovely weather.

We were told repeatedly that our lack of French speaking abilities will become a huge problem in the Quebec region but that was completely untrue. The people were so accommodating and never did I need to pull out my iphone to use my translator app (yes I came prepared! )

We had dinner at the Restaurant 1640 and breakfast the next day at Pain Beni.. both on the Rue St. Anne and just across the street from the Chateau. All very nice but nothing I fell in love with. Though I must the mention staff at 1640 were amazing.. so friendly. You can really tell a lot about a person by the way they interact with your child..

All in all a wonderful trip. So lovely and serene..
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Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely. By the way I don't have a toddle and some how when I travel my luggage mutates as well :-)

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