Time for a Party

I know D's birthday was a few weeks ago but we were having some scheduling conflicts and couldn't celebrate it till now.  My parents, my brother and my sister in law and her husband as well as my cousin were all flying in for the occasion. So our little family of three became a family of nine.

The Theme: A choo choo train, we sent out adorable train invites via evite which I used for the first time and love.

The Location: Shanawaz Palace Banquet Hall.
We had a guest list of 50 adults and over 20 kids.. so our apartment just wasn't going to cut it. The first birthday is just such a big deal.

My husband, sister in law, brother in law and brother took care of the balloons.. which were the extent of our decor. We bought two balloon kits from the grocery store which included a helium tank, thirty balloons and ribbon.

The cake: A sculpted choo choo train made by Kakes by Krisota

Party Favors: Train Party

 Everything was train themed except for the candy. We had a rainbow colored pencil with a train shaped eraser, a train whistle with bubbles which was a favorite among the kids and the one the parent will first hide when the child is not looking. A train puzzle along with a train pull back toy all inside a train plastic bag.

The Party: Unfortunately you can plan and plan but can do nothing when your baby wakes up with a fever the day of his birthday party.. so we gave D some medicine and hope for the best. He refused to smile and went to sleep as soon as we cut the cake.

The After Party: Once we got back home D perked up and started to have some fun.

 Well there it is.. he's a year old and it feel like it was just yesterday.. a very long.. tiring and sleepless yesterday.. here's to many more.

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Cassandra said…
What a cool cake!! Happy first birthday Mr D!!

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