Some Blossoms and Mother's Day

I just celebrated my first Mother's Day. D is almost 11 months old and I can't believe that this time last year he was the little guy kicking me on the inside.. now he kicks on the outside. I didn't expect much of the day and we didn't do anything special. We just spent the day at home. We woke up at the crack of dawn as usual..because that is the time D has decided is morning. We ran errands and tried and failed at finishing the never ending list of chores. We went for a drive, it was a glorious warm sunny day and just happened to drive by a park with swings. We just had to stop. D hadn't experienced the joy of a swing yet and I crossed my fingers hoping he would love a swing a much a I do. M was more skeptical. We gave the swing a little push and D was wide eyed in surprise, we followed with another small hesitant push and D erupted in laughter. He squealed with joy making me reciprocating his joy with a squeal of my own.

It was in that moment, seeing his face, hearing his laughter that made this the perfect Mother's Day. It is these moments that make all the troubles of having a child worth it. Unfortunately that was the one day I left the house without a camera. Will have to visit the swings again soon to do a do over.

Hoping all you mothers had a wonderful, love filled day. And to the fathers, don't worry in just a months time we will celebrate you and all your efforts that make the parenting experience so much more enjoyable.

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Gilding Lilies said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I really like your photo of the petals on the ground.

annechovie said...

What a lovely and heartfelt post - thank you for your kind comment and visit. Hope that you have a terrific week!

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