It was not very long ago that Etsy introduced the Activity Feed and Circles. And with them in my life now I can't imagine Etsy without them. They are a great way to come across so many more talented people, great eye candy and creativity. So I took this as an opportunity to comb through my circle as well as the people who added me to theirs and find some of my favorite things. Here are just a few to begin with.


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deepti said...

hey thanks soo much hena for including me on your blog.. .. really appreciate.. :)

PhotoGrunt said...

Great selection of items, Hena! I'm honored to have been included...thank you so much!

All the best,


VioletUnderground said...

Thanks for including my shoulder warmer! I appreciate it!

vildan said...

Great post!
Thanks so much!!


rutabagasix said...

thank you so much! I have already added some shops to my favorites...you did an amazing job :)

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