Spring is Blooming Around Me

A few years ago we, along with some friends had driven to Washington to see the Cherry Blossoms only to find out that there were a large number of gorgeous cherry blossoms blooming in our own town. We were new to the area and hadn't made our way over to that part of the town yet. We moved to a new location within the same town.. and boy what a difference those 5 miles made. We discovered that just a 10 minute walk away in Branch Brook Park there are now over 4,000 Cherry Blossom trees of many different varieties which bloom over an extended period in the park. There are an additional thousand beautiful blossoming trees growing along the streets of town. It turns out the my little town of Belleville, New Jersey is a premier location for viewing Cherry Blossoms.

When we finally had a day of no rain I decided to take D out for a walk. He was more than thrilled at the idea of getting out of the house. I also took this as an opportunity to dust of my camera and take a few pictures something I haven't done since the little guy was born. It was fun, the weather was great and D had so much fun I had to pull him off the bench, his little hands holding on tightly.

There were plenty of people out and about, taking pictures and picnicing on a Monday afternoon. It was all so surreal to think my little town was actually attracting tourism. We have to drive two towns over to get to the nearest theatre but come April and we've got tourist :)

We are having more rain so no more going out for now.. hope the sun comes out soon so D, my camera and I could go out some more.

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Emily@remodelingthislife said...

Hi Hena - thanks for visiting me today. I love a nice quiet walk with my kids and my camera in hand during which I can take in all the beauty around me.

Enjoy your day!


lilcoop said...

We have a Cherry Blossom Festival down here in Macon, Georgia every Spring. Our whole town is covered in Pink. I do love the way they look.

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