The Favorite List #1

There is so much gorgeousness available on Etsy.. some of which I wish I could pull off but can't or my home just isn't there yet but will maybe have room for it in some future home and then of course there is the stuff that I simply can not afford. But I can drool.. and heart.. and share

The jewelry list could literally go on forever but I am going to narrow it down to maybe 2 posts..


LuluBug Jewelry

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  1. very nice collection, I really like the rings

  2. Well, what can I say - you have a very good taste and Etsy can make people addicted. In a good meaning of course..

    Thank you a lot for this feature.

    It is nice to see here some good friends.. Hi, Bere (Lunaticart)!
    And Ulala - such a cool jewelry! Going to heart some.. :)

  3. Great finds!! I like the sunshine necklace!
    I'm following you now!


  4. such a lovely feature of wonderful work-- i'm so pleased to be included in the mix! many thanks to you.. :)

  5. So many of my favorites here! hello Alise!!!(XauXau), thanks for having me in your blog, in your wishlist! a pleasure!!!!! Merry Xmas!

  6. I can see why these are favorites, so beautiful!

  7. Wow! Those necklaces from Ulala are stunning - and whimsical.



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