A Collaboration.. the Hospital Bag and so much more..

Oh what a crazy past few days.. weeks I've been having. The days are flying by.. yes sometimes they seem to stand still.. I've got just about 2 more weeks to go till the baby comes.. but then again it could come today too.. all the unpredictability.. all the uncertainity really isn't my cup of tea. I am a planner. I make lists. And this is just the beginning of plans never going the way you expect ever again! Ahhh!

The bright light in all this is the nursery is almost complete.. I finished fabric stamping the curtains and I finished making the mobile. (Pictures to come soon.) We have yet to accessorise with cute toys and stuffed animals etc.. but I don't want to go on a crazy shopping spree just yet. I think I'd like to meet the baby first and there are presents to come.. so I will hold off on that for now. Though it is so hard.. and everything baby is just so cute!

Another yay! is that my little brother is flying in tomorrow.. I haven't seen him in 2 1/2 years.. and it'll be great to have him around.. I have been counting down the days since the start of June and finally I just have one more day of waiting left.. very excited.

Other than that life right now is all about the waiting, the cleaning and organizing.. hospital bag is ready to go.. though it is much emptier than I thought it would be.. we live 2 minutes away from the hospital.. literally a 10 minute walk.. so I see no point in packing everything just to bring it back home again. M can always run home and get me whatever I need. But if any of you mommies out there have any must packs let me know.. it might be the very thing I forgot..

I will not bore you with a pictureless post this time... infact I have some exciting news. I have collaborated with the fabulous BeansThings to make this gorgeous pendant using one of my photographs Spottted

Go check it out.. along with her other gorgeous necklaces. Click on the above 'BeansThings' link to be directed to the product page.

This is all from me for now.. will be back again next week. If i'm not I may be busy having a baby.. : )

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