Butt Cramps!!!

Yes you read right.. I have gotten butt cramps.. they stay hidden for most of the day but then all of a sudden when you least expected BANG.. this sharp pain shoots down my leg and one of my butt checks cramps up like it's having a seziure! Not fun! This makes my very frequent bathroom trips all the more troublesome..
Curious, I Googled butt cramps and turns out I'm not the only one. Thank God for that.. not that I enjoy others pain it's just that having butt cramps is just weird. Anyway.. turns out that while the baby is partying inside..tumbling about and using my bladder as a squeeze toy s/he manages to roll on over my sciatic nerve and when the nerve is pinched it cause pain to shoot up and down my leg..
Oh well as long as the baby is enjoying him/herself.. right?!

In other news.. we have two decent sized closets in each room but they lack shelving..meaning the space is just being wasted.. so we decided to install our own shelving and optimize the space in our closets. It has not been easy with some cricket world cup going on and my husband finding it hard to tear his eyes away from the screen. But with a whole lot of sugar coated nagging.. I managed to get him to put up two shelves in the nursery.. three more to go.. will put up pictures when the project is complete..

And now some shop news.. a few new photographs Red Door

Orange Leaf

Some brand new art prints Circling Orange


Flowers and Vines

Eat Eat Eat

Girl on Swing

And now for some renewed listings Tired

Rectangles and Reflections



Hope you're all having a great crampless week..

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