10 Days

I can't believe it has been ten days since I last blogged. I have been so busy and tired that time just slipped away from me. I don't even know where to start.

What's happening now may be a good start, I have a lunch party on Saturday, girls only kind of like a baby shower but a bit religious in nature. Lots of cooking needed, which thank god my aunt is taking care of. I have another aunt flying in from LA and one of my childhood friends coming in from Atlanta. Excited! But for now what I do need to do is clean house. With we getting closer to my due date I've been ignoring the dust gathering and just cleaning what I need to clean. But with twenty something people coming over I have gotten back to cleaning all the nitty gritties.. a little everyday.. todays task THE KITCHEN! Half way done.. so yippee.. taking a break and will get back to the rest in a bit.

That was a domestic update now for a baby update.. we bought a crib.. yet to be assembled.. we also bought a glider and finished assembling it yesterday only to find out it does not glide or rock without me rocking back and forth. It is too much work and will therefore have to be unassembled and returned! Now need to find another one.. and my god how expensive gliders are..! I also just recieved some goregous felt in the mail from PixieRose unfortunately the shop is now closed. Hope she opens up again soon, she had great colors to offer. Anyway so yesterday I also started felting, making a mobile for the nursery inspired by the beautiful work of Lupin. First time ever working with felt.. so good luck to me.

Lastly, a work update. Over the past week I have listed a ton of new work in my Etsy Shop. A few new and not so new photographs. Squared In

Stairway to Heaven

Livin on the Edge

The Offering

Standing in Line


and a few brand new art prints Numbered

Petals and Dots

Rainbow Squares

Sugar and Spice

Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Summer Loving

And of course the best news for last. I sold this great photograph On the Way Down

And how has your week been? Hope you all have a great weekend and tons of sun shine.


laceramiste said...

your photographs are beautiful.

Robin Charlotte Humphrey said...

i love the birdie living on the edge!

Hena Tayeb said...

thank you!

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