Torrential Rains and some more work

Whoa what a week it has been, I can't even remember as far back as Monday. The week just seemed to drag on forever and now it's Sunday.. Sunday! No! Where di the weekend go.. and i know we think that every weekend.. but this one especially just flew by..and not a single fun thing happened.. I do remember laughing alot this weekend.. why? No reason.. but then I like to laugh anyway.. so nothing new really.. except of course for all the rain. The torrential rains, trees fell, people experianced blackouts (thank God we were not one of those people) and the wind howled all night. We all lost an hour of our day, 'one less hour of weekend' as a friend put it.
I also learned a little something from hubby dearest.. i learned about ICE - In Case of Emergency, the letters you put infront of the name of the person who is your ICE in your mobile phone. So now my husband has the word ice before his name and everytime he calls I am thrown by the word. It even makes me smile. Weird, I know!

Okay now enough out me, lets talk about some photography, show you some of my new work, new listings.

Just imagine how extraordinarily beautiful a park would have to be to have an entrance as interesting as this. Two photographs, two different angles, an abstraction of what is the enterance of the eclectic and unusual Guell Park in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. Armored and Gated In

When in Barcelona’s Guell Park there were these massive aloe vera plants or what looked like giant aloe vera plants planted along the walkways. They were simply stunning in their size. Two images, one bright and full of color, the other sepia toned and dramatic. Aloe and Another Day Another Time

Some intricate architectural details of Spain Lorem Lipsum, Flowered Tiles and Up Down and All Around

Then there's a pigeon taking a cool dip on a hot summer day Hey Birdie Birdie and a modern installation where you'd least expect it Shiny Black Balls

And lastly, some not so new but re-listed work At WorkPeacock and And they all fall down

Hope this finds you in good weather, hopefully even some sun.


Sara said...

Such lovely photos!

Very interesting tidbit about the ICE thing... I never knew that. Maybe I should put it in my phone, too...

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Everyone in my family uses the "ICE" plan, it is good to have - you never know!
Awesome pictures!

Alkemie said...

Wow! LOve the image of the royal blue peacock! what vivid color.

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