The sun is here.. or so i thought

We had three wonderful days of sun and warmth and then just like that the clouds came rolling in and rain came pouring down. Hubby is having a crazy month at work.. so he comes home late which I hate but only a few more days left..
The weekend was pretty much a blur so on Sunday afternoon I decided to go into the city and meet him after work.. but with train problems making it the longest train ride ever! Afternoon became evening and the sun disappeared and a chilly wind picked up.. what was supposed to be an afternoon spent in central park turned out to be snuggling together as we walked to the wonderful Chilly Thai. It is a narrow hallway sized resturaunt serving delish thai food..
And here we are in the middle of another week just waiting for the weekend again.
As for today, I had a glucose test where you drink this sweet drink and sit there for an hour afterwhich they draw blood.. hope it comes back negative.. if not I have to go in again and this time sit there for 3 hours. Not Fun! But I did order some new and free moo cards today.. which if you haven't heard of you should really go check them out.. I love the minicards more but the offer was for regular sized..so regular sized it is. Can't wait for them to arrive.

In photography related news I am in a treasury today so yay! And an even bigger yay to the sale I made over the weekend..wohoo! Scribbled Art

I also listed some new work. Umbrellas

And some renewed photographs Irani Sky

 Wishing you all some sunshine..


Laci Jo said...

I am loving the weather! (even when it IS rainy and cold every few days) i actually wore a t-shirt without a coat today! whoo hoo! anyways, summer will come soon enough...

as always love your photos, just beautiful!


Lydia said...

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Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

The umbrella photo is stunning and set the mood for the day perfectly as today I am drawing a girl with an umbrella !

Christina said...

Adoring the umbrella photo.
(Reblogged it here: http://tesserae.tumblr.com/)

ELK said...

happy to see such great images...you are so talented!

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