Rain and Gloom

Never been this happy about the beginning of Monday.. really.. yesterday had just been about counting down the hours till the day would finally end. Hubby has been working long hours.. even if it is from home so weekends hardly seem like weekends but that wasn't it. March is like that every year, yesterday was different, I woke up with a sadness and tears. The sadness then became paranoia. I was convinced the baby wasn't kicking enough so I kept having M (hubby) press his ear against my stomach to make sure he could hear a heart beat. And so went on the never ending Sunday.
The days leading up to that Sunday were all in all pretty nice. Sure M was still busy with work but I made a sale Chug a chug chug wohoo!

I was also participating in a blog giveaway where Gail Cormier won a 4x6 photograph of mine. She chose Just a dash of pink

And lucky me but I too turned out to be a winner in the giveaway. I won a wallet courtesy of RobinsFlight which I will post more about as soon as I recieve it.

In more photography related news I posted a new photograph Jerónimos Monastery Courtyard

And some renewed listings Rings


Sitting the Old Fashioned Way


Hand of the Help


Blue Hand

Wishing you all a happy week.. we have a week full of rain and dark skies.. but hopefully the sun will come out soon to lift all our spirits.


VividColors said...

Great photos! Very expressive!:)

Michelle @ One of a Kind Wisconsin said...

Great pictures - glad I followed the link from Twitter. The train photo is fabulous. I love old trains, my third son got me interested after he really got in Thomas the Tank Engine. There is something very romantic about an old steam engine... all Orient Express and what not.

Jen said...

Happy Week to you too!! Your pictures amaze me. I could feel the spirit through the screen! Girl, you know how to pick out some great a*s photos!!

PinkBow said...

beautiful photography.

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