The Week in Review..

This week has been all rainy, gloomy and now snowy.. is an end to winter to much to ask? Can't we just have spring already. I have also been follwing the Olympics with great interest. So happy for all the US wins.
In photography news I have been a very busy bee. I am trying to list a new photograph everyday on Etsy, minus weekends. And I have so many photographs waiting to be uploaded, some need editing, some just awaiting a name..
This week I uploaded four new photographs and in the process also found my new favorite photograph, which I will save for the end. The first Pomegranate Flowers taken in the fabulous Atlantis Resort, Bahamas.

This one I took on the streets of Amsterdam Scribbled Art

This one was taken in Barcelona at the beautiful Gaudi Park hence the name Colors of Gaudi

And lastly, my new favorite photograph, one I discovered I could stare at for minutes on end. It was taken in Venice and has become a love of mine Murky Light

Well that was my week and I now realize just how uneventful it was. And how was yours?

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leila brewster photography said...

these are really cool! i love all of those places that you have been! i especially loved barcelona.. but the others are also close runners up! :) amsterdam just had such a cool vibe goin on! :)

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