H's Lego Birthday Party

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H loves Lego's. I love Lego's. I have been trying to convince D to want a Lego party for ages.. he was never interested. So when H said he wanted a Lego party I was thrilled! And thankfully Lego parties are all over the internet which made it so easy to plan this party.

First we started with the invitations. I used this printable. D has had birthday parties both at home and outdoor venues but him being a summer baby we have always been able to throw the parties in the backyard. This was our first time having a children's birthday party indoors.  

There were 10 kids in attendance and most of them where accompanied by a parent. We set the basement up into two sections.. the playing area and the eating sitting area. 

All of the tableware, balloons and banner I bought from the Dollar Tree. The tables and chairs we rented from a local mom and pop shop.

When the kids arrived they first played Guess How Many? I filled the jar with super cute Lego candy found here. You can actually build with them!

After which we lead them to the table where they colored Lego man heads. Once they had all colored their Lego heads we moved on to Pin the Head on the Lego Man. 

This game didn't last as long as I had imagined. The kids rushed through their turns.. and as soon as their turn had ended they were looking for the next thing to do. I had already started doing the math in my head.. did I have enough games to entertain?

Next we had a relay race.. we lined the kids up with a spoon and gave them all a Duplo block. The rules were simple.. make it to the end of the room without dropping the block. You drop it, you go back to the start. The kids had so much fun with this.. they once again followed no rules at all, they just kept walking.. and dropping.. they held on to the block while they walked.. they held the spoon in their hands.. in their mouths and just kept on playing. Any concern I had about not having enough activities to entertain these kiddos vanished. The above picture is really low res.. mainly because it's a screenshot of a video I just took since we took no pictures during this entire activity. 

The kids were directed back to the table to build some Lego cars. I found non Lego brand car kits at the Dollar Tree. I opened them up and separated the pieces in bowls so they could create their vehicles which the kids also got to take home. And M had spent the better park of the previous weekend building the kids an awesome racetrack using cardboard boxes, black table cover and painters tape. 

The birthday boy had requested to wear a Lego crown on his big day.. so I printed out a Lego background print like this and cut him out a crown. 

Before we knew it it was time to eat. We ordered pizza and I found these juice boxes that are really flavored water.. and thought what a great healthy alternative to juice. They were not good. 

For the cake.. I ordered a plain chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream from Wegmans and made these Lego pieces myself using this mold and colored chocolate wafers. It was a pretty easy process and super fun. 

When it was time to leave the kids went home with Lego party bags also bought from Dollar Tree.. inside were a bag of legos and a giant Lego man crayon, also made using the above mold.

See how we celebrated H turning four with a Ninja Party!

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  1. What a fantastic party! I love all of your ideas. That photo of H by himself is so cute, he looks really pleased. Great idea with the cake, especially getting it from Wegmans. When I lived in central NY, we also got our cakes from Wegmans! They have the best buttercream frosting ever. Happy belated birthday to H!

  2. This all looks like so much fun!! I love the Lego man crayons you made. Then again... I love Legos! :) When we visited the Mall of America a few years ago, I was super impressed with the displays at the Lego store there. Pretty amazing.

  3. Happy birthday to H! What a fun Lego themed party!

  4. You did such a good job with this party, Hena. I had to laugh when you started doing the math in your head. You just can't always time it like you think, can you??
    Those legos for the cake turned out awesome!!!

  5. What a cute party! My son still loves legos at age 13. He built the Taj Mahal in legos. I love all the lego details!


  6. A perfect birthday party for a lego-loving little boy! Happy birthday to your son!

  7. What a fun party, it looks like everyone had a great time

  8. Awesome, Hena. Looks like a lot of fun too!

    Happy Birthday to your little man!

  9. The birthday party was colorful and the kids look so lovely. Great job Hena! for entertaining these little ones.
    Wonder Cottage
    The Glossychic

  10. Oh my gosh! I would totally love a Lego Party even at my age!:D This is super cool, Hena! And I love those Lego pieces you made for the cake:) Are you guys gonna see Lego Movie 2?

  11. What a fun party!
    xx- Nina


  12. Wow what a great party! I miss mine being little! I love the crayon lego man!

  13. what an awesome party...you really put a lot of thought and time in to it!! clever games to keep the little ones entertained and i really liked the little goodie bags....

    so i know you said you love lego's BUT have you ever stepped on one??? hehehehe

  14. This is such a cute idea, Hena. I am going to remember this one! And everyone looks like they had the best time!

  15. What a super fun theme! I wanna go to a Lego party now. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. You are always so creative! So many neat ideas here.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  17. This is so cute! I love the crayon lego man and the pin the head on the lego man! Such cute ideas!

  18. A Lego party sounds amazing to me. I used to love Legos as a kind and I still like then. I love how you organized this party, there were so many fun activities for the kids. I'm happy to know they had fun! The crayon DIY legos look fabulous, such a great idea. The cake looked yummy.

  19. I think you did an amazing job with the lego party. I love the race track option.

  20. This is such a cute party idea!!! I Hope no one stepped on any though :)
    xo, allie

  21. Oh what a great party, you really put a lot of time and thought in to this. And lego man crayon, how cool!

    Allie of

  22. Fantastic party! I like the whole build your own car and race it activites. Love how you have girls also. And you are very brave to include parents; that would stress me out.

  23. Such a nice idea - a lego-party! You can see, that the kids had a lot of fun.
    Have a nice week!

  24. Happy birthday! I must say that you throw awesome birthday parties. The cake looks amazing and edible?? crazy! Also love the giant lego man crayon.

  25. Oh how FUN!!! What a great idea for a kids party!! - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  26. wow, its amazing idea to celebrate. Love all of you kids.


  27. The games never last as long as we think they will!! I remember those days. This looks like such a fun party and so creative. I love the cake and the lego crayons you made!! I bet they all had a blast!

  28. That decoration is just awesome! lOVE IT!◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜

    Blog de la Licorne

  29. Such a lovely party, gorgeous decoration!
    Kisses, Paola.


  30. This is so cute
    New post:

  31. Oh my gosh! This looks like the best birthday party EVER! You did such a nice job, everything looks awesome. What fun!!

  32. Oh, this looks like so much fun! :D

  33. Oh very nice idea for a party
    Thanks for share your cute photos

  34. This looks so much fun! Great activity for kids indeed.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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