Friday Photography

I have a ton of new photography waiting to be edited but just can't find the time.. and I continue to take more photographs.. my 'in progress' folder growing.. so while I may have nothing new to share with you I thought I'd take Friday's as a day to share something none the less..

Bejeweled - I took this in Italy. It was taken inside the Vatican Museum in 2009. We were married almost two years and I was very soon going to find out I was pregnant with D. This particular ceiling was carved and intricate, the embellishments stunning.. 

Unfortunately 'Bejeweled' is now a discontinued print. There are only two prints remaining and the prices are not only at 50% off but I'm also offering free shipping {for a limited time only} 

Not for you? How about getting a head start on the Christmas list? 

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  1. Lovely photo.
    My favorite is "Spinning Night." It reminds me of fun times at Asbury Park, NJ. I better order a copy soon.

  2. It's beautiful! I remember always looking at the ceilings when we were in Rome...they were always so intricate and beautiful!

  3. That ceiling is gorgeous!

  4. Amazing what handmade can yield. That is a phenomenal ceiling. One day I'll get over the pond.

  5. Beautiful and full of detail! I wonder who could benefit from this print out of my circle!



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