Washington DC

The 10 hour drive from Myrtle Beach to home seemed far too long especially at the end of a trip when crankiness starts to emerge. So we decided to stop a night in DC before heading home. We left Myrtle Beach early in the morning grabbing breakfast on the go and we were in DC by the late afternoon. We spent an hour driving around pointing things out to the in laws.. making a stop here or there. Having already been to DC twice we were not as inclined to do a more a detail tour of the National Mall.

After settling in at the hotel we walked towards dinner.. we have a Nando's back home and my taste buds have such fond memories of the chicken.. when I found out DC had a Nando's and it was a three minute walk away from our hotel I knew we had to go and it did not disappoint. nom nom.. sorry no pictures.. too busy devouring it all.

The next morning we packed up and were ready to hit the road.. with just a detour or two first. When in DC breakfast must be done at Founding Farmers.. we love the place and tell everyone about it. Unfortunately they were booked solid that Easter Sunday :( and we had to make other plans. Instead we stopped by Busboys and Poets love the name! 

Eggs Benedict with Crab Meat 

Our second stop was the Air Space Museum. I wish we had time to do more museums but we barely had enough time to fully explore one if we wanted to get back home at a reasonable hour.

and then home sweet home. 

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  1. Washington DC is one of my favorite places to visit. Your sweet boys looked like they enjoyed their time so much. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I really want to visit Washington DC someday. My husband goes there often for his work (in the government defense sector) and I have always wished I could go with him. I should have tried before we had kids but I always had to stay behind and work so I never got a chance. Anyway, the Air and Space museum would be one of my first stops if I went. I love that photo of H driving, his face is adorable.

  3. Breakfast looks delicious! I have only been to DC once but would love to go back again soon. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations.

  4. That eggs Benedict looks so good! I love crab. I had something similar somewhere but can't remember. I'm glad you were able to stop for a rest and the boys were happy. The little one's smile is sweet. How fun that you have your in-laws there too; that reminds me of when my parents used to drive the old station wagon with my grandmother along and me and my brother sleeping in the back w/no seat belt.
    I'm glad you'll be able to celebrate once Ramadan is over. It doesn't matter when as long as you do, yeah?

  5. The photos look so cute and the city sounds amazing, also the museum looks interesting:)


  6. They look so happy at the Air Space Museum:) And OMG! Used to eat at Nando's a lot when they opened here in Canada, but alas, they didn't last too long.

  7. I've been to DC twice as well. It's so cool that so many of their museums offer free admission.

  8. DC is one of my favorite destinations to visit!! What a great family trip! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. Great post.

  10. Amazing pictures!! Looks like you had fun in this trip!!
    Mónica Sors

  11. The air and space museum is my favorite! That eggs benedict with crab meat sounds amazing!

    Doused In Pink

  12. That sounds like a nice stop! I would love to see DC someday, I have never been! The food photos look delicious!


  13. DC remains one of my favorite travel stops ever. Yay! Looks like you all had fun.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. It looks like you guys had a blast


  15. yay for being home (sweet sweet home!). Lovely photos, I haven't been to DC since the nineties....I should do something about that! Love your husband's hat :) (hope you all are feeling better!)

  16. How fun that DC was a good stopping point! And eggs benedict is practically my love language!

  17. love the hats! too cute.

  18. It must had been good to be home after that long trip!


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