The Picture Game

D has been a slow talker so I am always looking for fun  new ways to help him learn new words and grow his vocabulary. I decided to make a picture game.

I gather various clip art of letters, number, fruit, vegetables  animals, clothes, furniture.. just about everything and anything I could think of.. and printed them out.

I cut them out and backed them with some cardboard to make them more sturdy. Instead of going out and buying cardboard I simply recycled cereal boxes, tissues boxes, waffle boxes etc. Sweet M even surprised me with a box or two he brought home from work. Oh so romantic we are. 

And so the games begin.. these are just a few of them.. I have almost 100 so we work.. i mean play in batches. I know not all of them are the same size and shape.. but I wasn't going with perfection.. I didn't want to be in a situation when I put in so much time and he decided he doesn't want to play with them.. or spills something on them.. or looses them.. the important thing is the learning. 

 Look at him thinking.. 

and we have a winner!

I can continue to add new pictures.. and when we start to practice reading I can write the words on the pictures or even on their backs and make a new game. 

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  1. Love this! What a fun idea!

  2. Lovely photos and how fun!! Happy Thursday!


  3. This is a great idea! I'm glad he's having fun with it too.

  4. This is good idea Hena. Have fun along with your son.

  5. i really love this idea! im gonna have to try this one for my son too! he is 19 months and still not talking much! thanks for sharing
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  6. this is such a fun and clever way to teach new words! i love how big and colorful the cards are. you're such a good mama!

    1. thank you.. all we can do is try right?

  7. it's a great idea! you are a wonderful mother!

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  8. Your boy is adorable! What a fun activity to get kids involved in. :)

  9. Hi Hena! I love these cards and like how they're all different shapes/sizes/picture styles.

    It is the little things in marriage that impress huh?!?! Totally sweet that he thought to bring some boxes home. :)

  10. cute! This is a great idea :)

  11. This is so cool! I love that you used cardboard from around the house too, and that your husband brought home extra! That is real love:)

  12. you have a real gift

  13. Great idea! I made some with annimals since Cesarin is into animals right now ;)

    Maybe I will share them later on my blog


  14. Great idea Hena!
    New follower here!

  15. Anonymous3/29/2013

    What a precious boy! He's adorable!


  16. What a fun idea! I'm sure he enjoyed it! :-)

  17. What a clever idea!

    Also, LOVE the photos.


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