Friday Photography

Droplets - We all see the raindrops on our windows, they were especially magnificent with the light of the lamp post illuminating them. I had to pull myself away to get my camera. It's just one of those simple pleasures we see and overlook so often. Never to be overlooked again. 

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Whoa.. when I decided to take a break I had no idea it was going to turn out to be this long.. I guess I was waiting for a sort of routine to form.. a sense of normalcy to return.. and I suppose my right now is as normal as it can possibly get..

Where I left off we were days away from D big birthday party, weeks away from Ramadan, I had a contractor in the house and my mother had just arrived.. I had so many pictures of all of these events and was looking forward to sharing in the coming weeks but I had a bit of a problem while I was backing up my computer and accidentally ended up deleting some stuff.. PERMANENTLY! still more than a bit pissed about this. 

The room started looking like this.. with an equally horrendous carpeted bathroom!!

and the end result.. so much better!

I wish I could show you just how bad this bathroom was.. 

In the next few weeks our roof started to leak and we started to meet with roof guys.. :( and while they were already ripping out our roof we thought we'd get rid of our bug and woodpecker magnet.. patch worked sorry excuse for siding too.. scroll down a bit to get a glimpse and see that I do not exaggerate.

H went through and still is kinda going through a I hate to sleep at night and just want to scream phase.. meaning while before I used to work while he napped now I nap while he naps.. not very productive.

My mom was still here when my in laws arrived and a set of my friends arrived from back in the day.. so my house was full.. full of people, food, late nights and laughter.. friends left and my brother and sister in law arrived.



and as if our life wasn't already exciting enough.. M changed jobs and we were able to experience something we had never experienced before.. his current contract had a non compete, which meant that he was to wait a month before he could start his new job. And while in the beginning it didn't sound like a good thing.. it was.. it so totally was.

So today.. it has been over a month since my mother left, my in laws are making the transition to live with us permanently, my brother left over the weekend and my sister in law is planning on staying with us for a bit longer. In a few days M will go back to work, D will start kindergarten and a new routine will form.. and we'll see what the rest of this year has in store for us.. hopefully I will return to my regular posting schedule :)

I'd also like to introduce you to the blog's new name.. because less face it, the blog is a lot less about photography and a lot more about us. :)

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On a Break

There has been a lot going on.. things have been very busy.. I fill you up on all of it very soon.. lot of pictures too I promise.. but till then I need to take a little break from the internet so that I can focus on enjoying my now. Hope you are all having wonderful summers and for my Aussie friends, hope it's not too cold over there. See you all soon.

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Friday Photography

Down the Rabbit Hole - It was taken in 2009 when M and I did our big European adventure. Before we had kids and before I was so active on his blog. I wish I had been more active, wish i had had a better documentation on the trip. I remember having taken notes on a piece of paper somewhere.. jotting down where we ate etc.. Now if only i knew where that piece of paper was!

A simple oblong staircase in the Vatican Museum. I liked the simplicity of it. It was more modern and less fancy than the more famous staircase of the Vatican Museum. While people were all over the latter, the former staircase, my subject matter was left alone, not a sole insight.

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Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia

Continuing with our Memorial Day weekend recap.. while we spent Friday in New York we chilled out at home on Saturday running errands, playing in the backyard.. On Sunday we headed to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. one of my favorite things about living in New Jersey is our proximity to so many major cities.  The last time we were there D was two and a half years old and he had had a blast.. It was so interesting to watch D there now and little H navigating his way through the museum his first time.


D now and then

After the museum we were meeting up with my cousin and his wife for dinner.. but we were done a little earlier than planned and had an extra hour to kill so we headed to the nearby Smith Memorial Playground which we had visited earlier last year and had loved.

another now and then

last time the park had been almost empty.. this time the park was over flowing with people.. the day was hot and after a few slides, swings and bounces we headed over to my cousins place.. to enjoy a delicious meal an accidentally partial baked pie lol and lots of fun and laughter.. 

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Friday Photography

A decorative metal Persian door knocker, taken while taking a school trip to Iran almost nine years ago.. such delicate and intricate hand carvings.. 

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The Highline Park and Chelsea Market

This year we had a great memorial day weekend.. the perfect balance of activity and relaxation.. the only thing lacking was sleeping in.. but we haven't slept in in over five years so we know better than to expect that!

M worked from home on Friday and right after lunch we piled into the car just before nap time and headed to New York City. The destination was the High Line Park and the Chelsea Market.. after living so close to the city for over seven years we realized there is so much of the city we haven't yet explored.. in fact I sometimes think we have barely seen it at all.. so from now on we hope to venture into a new part of the city every time.. so for my New York readers.. tell me where should we explore next?

I had wanted to visit the High Line Park ever since I had heard of it.. and for those who haven't heard of it the park is an elevated linear urban space converted from an old and unused railway. And the Chelsea Market.. once the Nabisco Factory.. where the Oreo was invented is now a large food hall.. with some great eats and also houses the offices of YouTube and Food Network.

We of course started at the Chelsea Market.. I grabbed some doughnuts at the Doughnuttery.. unfortunately our least favorite of all the amazing food we ate.. but it was cool watching them being made.

While M got a chocolate, banana, strawberry crepe from Bar Suzette... mmm so good and watching her create these.. it was masterful.

and then grabbed some coffee at Ninth Street Espresso before heading to the High Line.

The cool viewing area in the bridge was where we started and one of our favorites.. pressing ourselves up against the glass and watching the buses zoom from right under us was so cool.. :)

It was such a beautiful day.. and the park was such a pleasant surprise. The boys loved running around..

D attempted to drink from a water fountain that spit at you! We really should have made a video of that. And then we came across I Think Outside My Box, the brain child of David Everett Carlson. It all began in October 2011 in Zuccotti as an outreach program in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The idea that anyone can paint and that painting becomes part of an ever evolving global social fabric borne of self expression. Each person is given a 3x3 piece of cardboard to create on.

After walking along the entire park and back everyone was tired and ready to hit the market again for some more goodies. 

We went back to Bar Suzette for another crepe.. this time something savory.. it did not disappoint. And got a taco from Takumi, a Japanese inspired Mexican eatery.. yes you read right and it was so good.. 

we followed that with more tacos from Los Taco's.. the picture taking took a break at this point because M was trying to put a cranky H to sleep while I stood in the long line for our taco's while D decided he had to go to the bathroom! Finally H fell asleep, we resolved the bathroom issue and devoured the most amazing taco's ever before one last treat.. gelato! How can you end a day of food without dessert?

The boys fell asleep just as we made our way out of the city but not before catching glimpse of the Empire State Building... red white and blue

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