A Day in Aarhus

We started our third day with breakfast at Cafe Norden.




It's wasn't a very typical American breakfast but to our surprise our pickiest eater gobbled it all up

On our second day of having a car we drove to Aarhus. It was over 3 hours away. Once we arrived we started by driving around for a bit before heading to the ARoS Museum. It is wonderful to see D's world grow and him beginning to enjoy art.

We had three favorites.. the first and most awesome was the rainbow panorama. We spent countless minutes here.. going around and around the walkway enjoying the colors of the rainbow.

Our second favorite was based on mirrors and perception but photographs were not allowed.

Another favorite was Boy by Ron Mueck. It was a large piece and the detail was amazing

After leaving the museum we grabbed some lunch at The Shack

Yup.. another burger. Due to our religion we have a lot of dietary restrictions.. so burgers and pizza was usually our best bet.. 

after eating we wandered around the city..

 Our not so great attempts at capturing a mid jump photo..

We grabbed some ice cream and while we wanted to stay a little longer we had to keep in mind the over 3 hours drive back to Copenhagen. 

All in all if we had to do it again we would have skipped Aarhus, while the rainbow panorama was awesome it was not worth the 6 hours commute. We didn't get to spend enough time in Aarhus and truth be told when compared to Copenhagen it was not as impressive. 
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Friday Photography

Koi - The stunning brilliantly colorful fish found in the Koi Pond in the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

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Copenhagen Day 1 and 2

We flew into Compenhagen in the morning.. we planned it this way so that by noon we were all settled in and could venture out and start exploring.. We started with lunch. We got burgers at Cock and Bull

Took a 60 minute canal tour, which I highly recommend and I don't say this because it was an amazing tour. It was a good tour with a good guide but mainly because it was a great way to acquaint ourselves with the city. 

There were a number of bridges dotting the canal. Some so low even our captain had to duck

After which we made our way to the infamous Nyhavn. The whole time the boys seemed to be cranky, my leg was starting to hurt for those who don't know I had an ankle injury in December and am still recovering from it. I am good as long as I take my medication. But with all the traveling I forgot to take my pill twice. When bribing the kids with ice cream didn't even make them happy and I was in so much pain I started to hobble we decided it was time to head back to the apartment. We all took showers horrible water pressure put on a movie and called it an early night. 

Best Decision Ever! Because on day 2 everyone was in a better mood.

Day two was going to be our first day of renting a car and venturing out of Copenhagen. Interesting tidbit, car rental's are very expensive for the Danes as are car's in general. They do this to encourage walking and biking. But if you are not a Dane then renting a car is not a problem. 

Destination - Mon Klint a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea. Some of the cliffs fall a sheer 120 m to the sea below.

I was afraid the kids would give us a hard time with all the walking. I was wrong.

There were a few hundred steps that led you up the cliffs and then once you came back down there were another few hundred steps that took you down to the beach.

The first set of steps were fine but on our way up from the water we were dying.. all of us except D. D our resident complainer never complained. He was the first one up.. me forcing myself to be the second because I had to keep on eye on him and he would stop for a break!

We were back in Copenhagen by early evening. Found a car park.. parking is also pretty pricey. But being used to New York prices they didn't shock us too much.

The rest of the evening we spent walking through the streets of Indre By. It was like a 5th Ave of sorts.

We made one last stop at the Round Tower before heading to dinner. The Round Tower was built in the 17th century as an astronomical observatory.

 Instead of stairs there was a spiral ramp which the boys loved to run up and then on the way down they both got on the little umbrella stroller and rolled down.

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Our first Airbnb Experience

When ever we make a trip back home to Pakistan we try to take a little side trip on the way back home.. some time being just the four of us before heading back to the grind. Last time we choose to spend a few days in Turkey. This time after much consideration we choose Denmark.

We flew into Copenhagen in the morning and made our way to our Airbnb.. yes we got an Airbnb. Our first ever! Now before I get into our trip I wanted to talk a bit about Airbnb. I am curious about others who have used it and what their experiences were like.

Initially I looked into traditional hotels but they all seemed too expensive, too small to comfortably fit four or too far. We were looking for something with good walk-ability. And when nothing seemed to fit the bill I widened the search. The Airbnb website was pretty easy to use and while I had looked into the idea of getting an Airbnb a few times before we had never actually booked one. I looked at a few apartments, sent a few messages and then we had one picked..

It was the perfect little apartment, the location could not have been better and it was exactly what we had needed to make our trip perfect. 

Would we use it again? Yes if the need arose but it would not be our first choice. I would always begin my search by looking at traditional hotels. Why? I have small children and I don't want to have to constantly worry that they will accidentally break or damage something in someone else's home. It was an old building with thin walls, I had to shush the boys repeatedly. When on vacation I don't want to have to make the beds or cook. I.. we like to come back to our rooms tired from exploring and finding everything magically tidied up.

But for this particular trip this was just what we needed.. more about the trip coming soon. I promise. I just have so many pictures!!

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My Best Friends Wedding

Our main reason for travelling back home was because one of my best friends was getting married. I have had other friends who have gotten married and I have pretty much missed every single one of them.. the timing was never right. I was pregnant or had just had one of the boys for at least three of them. But when.. let's call her FP told me she had found the one and they were getting engaged I was ecstatic.. I told her to tell me when the wedding was as early as she possibly could.. and I would try my hardest to make it.. she gave me a six months heads up and we made it!

It was one of the most fun weddings I have ever attended and by far the longest.. and we are known for our long weddings. Mine lasted over a week. And what made it more special was her, I love her like a sister and I wish her so much happiness.. 

Here's a glimpse at the festivities.

We had a wonderful time.. took countless pictures..
Kind of wish I was married in the age of the selfie and the iPhone... would have had so many more fun pictures to look back on.

SCHOOL UPDATE - Towards the end of last week H went to school tear free and actually got mad at me one day when I showed up a few minutes early!     
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