Spring Time

It may officially be spring soon but we have a forecast of snow for the next two days.. and a consistent 40' temeprature.. sure doesn't feel like spring to me :(

Nonetheless I wanted to share with you a few of my spring design :) These are all designs I created many moons ago, I wish I had more time to create new illustrations.. maybe one day.

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Friday Photography

Sundial - Taken in a stunning sculpture park in Lincoln, Massachusetts. It was originally a large spherical sculpture, not a sundial but it reminded me of one. I particularly love the play of light and the shadows the pieces of the sculpture makes

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Springing Forward

All this springing forward made me mess up last nights dinner time.. I realized at 7pm I was supposed to put dinner in the oven at 6pm and all the while I was thinking it was 5pm.. we ended up ordering pizza instead.. sigh

We had game night at our place Saturday night.. we hadn't done it is quite a while and it was so much fun.. we played Sequence, Pictionary and Jenga..  we ordered take out and ended the night with strawberry shortcake... Wegmans make an amazing strawberry shortcake and my friends are all hooked.. I actually get scolded when I make dessert instead.. now I know better and go straight to Wegmans when they are coming over. They ended up staying past one.. which I guess really meant 2am?

I am going over the details of our upcoming spring break vacation.. making lists. We are all so excited..
I spent yesterday cleaning.. we have one of those water vacuums.. a Hoover Spin Scrub.. I washed the living room carpet.. took the covers off the sofa and washed them.. spot cleaned in the basement.. :)       
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Friday Photography


Stars - A photograph taken in Iran, inside one of the mosques was a wall with a star inspired design carved into the brown clay wall. The design so intricate, so masterfully carved. It was a beautiful sight.

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Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

I am open to wholesale and licensing opportunities. Get in touch for more information.

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Last months visit to the theater got us thinking about all the shows we have had the pleasure of seeing.. when we got to counting we were surprised by how many we had seen..

1. Wicked - This was the first show I had ever seen. M had seen a musical in London once and was partial to the whole experience. But when we received a belated wedding present $$ from M's uncle we didn't want to just spend the money on groceries.. we wanted to make sure we used it for something memorable.. so we splurged on some Wicked tickets.. It was the perfect introduction to Broadway. It was a spectacle for sure and even M who had never seen Wizard of Oz had no trouble being swept up in the magic. 

2. Avenue Q - We were so sure about this off Broadway show.. the characters are muppets.. while for some that may be the selling point for us that was what was making us the most unsure.. But I didn't want to watch Chicago or Phantom of the Opera and I may be wrong but I felt they couldn't surprise me.. I knew the stories already.. so we went with Avenue Q.. so glad we did.. it was.. is hand down the funniest musical we have ever seen.. It is the perfect date night show.. not at all suitable for kids. It is almost always the show we will recommend our friends to see.. 

3. Chinglish - This was a comedy about an American businessman trying to launch a company in China and the misadventures of miscommunication.. it was funny in the moment.. but nothing I would recommend. SHOW NOW CLOSED

4. The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder - This was a great show.. one of the most wonderfully unique things about it was that the same actor plays at least seven other characters.. and watching him transform into these characters through out the play was amazing, such talent. Unfortunately we had a young D and an even younger H at home and were going through a sleep deprivation phase and no matter how hard I tried to pry my eye open I fell asleep.. I recall getting in a car at the end but continued to dose through the ride home.. so much off it is a blur. SHOW NOW CLOSED

5. O - O was our first ever Cirque Du Soleil show. We saw it in Vegas last year.. it was awe inspiring.. it is a whole different kind of talent and fearlessness these performers possess. Now I am not sure if I would go to see another Cirque Du Soleil.. may be one day in the future.. The abstractness of the story is where it lost us.. while we were completely mesmerized by the acrobatic performance we were completely lost as to what the hell was happening.. 

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last summer. D had read the book earlier that year and we treated him to his first Broadway show for his birthday. The show is now closed so I am so happy we saw it when we did. We made use of our airline points to score free tickets.  It was a wonderfully magical experience, D at the edge of his seat. He has already been asking when we will take him to the another one. SHOW NOW CLOSED

7. Waitress - We saw waitress just a week or so ago.. for our birthday While I had heard good things about it having seen the movie many years ago I was going in with mixed feelings. It was a fantastic show, the singing talent was phenomenal. It was a show where you were really rooting for these characters.. 

What we haven't seen yet is a non musical play.. any suggestions?

I'm sure D would like to go back to see another show this summer.. I know of Aladdin and Lion King of course but any other recommendations? Any one see Sponge Bob Square Pants yet?

A show I'd really like to go see is Dear Evan Hansen.. 
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Friday Photography

Starry Blue - The gorgeous deep blue ceiling of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, Canada. It had a gold star like embellishment that reminded me of my son's favorite lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

You can buy this print here. Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER

Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

I am open to wholesale and licensing opportunities. Get in touch for more information.  

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Birthday Getaway

I have been having a few computer internet connectivity issues.. hence the absence.

We had the most marvelous birthday weekend.. as most of you may have read M and I celebrate birthday's back to back which makes celebrating all the more fun. We are not big on gift giving and usually try to go on a little getaway.. whether it is local like a few years ago or last years trip to Vegas. This year was another year to keep it local. 

I caught a bus to New York City and met my husband for dinner. It was a crazy rainy day of course and the bus was 15 mins late but thankfully the restaurant was very understanding. We had a steak dinner at Del Frisco's and were both surprised when it ended with a dessert platter with two candles :) wherever I make a reservation and they ask if we're celebrating something special and we are I make a point of mentioning it no point in hiding it right? Sometimes it results in nothing and sometimes you get free dessert :) and no we did not take any pictures :(

Our bellies full and with time to spare we slowly strolled down to the Brook Atkins theater to watch Waitress the Musical. We had spectacular seats.. never have we sat this close to the stage.. and wow.. the show was wonderful. The entire cast had brilliant voices and though the lead was originally supposed to be performed by Sara Bareilles the understudy was just as amazing.

After the show we walked to the hotel.. we usually always end up going back home with me falling asleep on the way there and the magic of the night long gone.. staying in the city really made a difference. 

The next morning we were sadly up before 7 am, no matter what we do we just can't sleep in anymore.. no matter how much we want to.. we went down to the Flatiron District for breakfast at Sarabeth's.. oh my was it good.. M had the Almond Crusted French Toast and I the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.

After breakfast we strolled around, took a picture in front of the Flatiron pretending to be all touristy, window shopped, ducked into a few shop until we made it to Washington Square Park.. 

then back up towards Union Square and stopped at a pizza place called Marta where we met up with some friends we hadn't seen in a long time. We were so busy talking and catching up we spent over three hours eating a pizza and once again forgot to take pictures.. :(

After lunch we were ready to head back home we caught a taxi to the bus station and we were back home before dinner.. 

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