Friday Photography

Sunburst - An abstraction of a large yellow and dark brown chandelier found in one of the many grand hotels of Dubai.

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lately - Thanksgiving

I skipped posting last week.. hope all of you celebrating had good Thanksgivings.. we had a pretty good week.. but very few pictures to prove it.. so you'll just have to take my word for it.

We started Wednesday night out with dinner at a friends house.. stayed out late.. the next morning stayed in bed way longer than we usually do.. and spent most of Thanksgiving day doing nothing.. just as planned. We ate chicken instead of turkey.. played Blokus with the boys, it was our first time playing it and everyone enjoyed it.

Friday we shopped a bit online.. we did venture out to the stores in the afternoon.. we were supposed to pick up a ping pong table we had bought online but when we got there it took the store 20 minutes to locate it..inform us that it will not fit into our minivan and then it took another 40 mins to return it. That was enough Black Friday for us.. We ended the night with a movie.. We watched Jack Frost.. 

Saturday followed a pretty similar pattern of chilling out, we tried out a new fast food joint in the neighborhood. Played scrabble another new one for the kids. H was my helper and D managed a few good words.. Ended the night with a movie.. 3 Men and a Baby this time.. I have a thing for the movies of my childhood.. not as funny as I thought it would be.. more sentimental.. H fell asleep mid way.. :(

Sunday was our big day.. we had gotten tickets to see OZ in a local theater, Two River Theater in Red Bank. The production was an hour long and was geared to a 4+ crowd. We thought this would be a good way to introduce H to the theater. It was perfect. They kept the story simple, it was a cast of four actors who played various characters. The show was interactive.. we were barking like Toto, kawing like crows and clapping for thunder and the best part they picked children out of the crowd to play various small parts. The cast was great with the kids.. no easy feat. Our little H got pick to play the part of the Scarecrow!! 

He could barely see from underneath the big hat. Later that week we also watched The Wizard of OZ.. the green witch gave H nightmares :( But they found the transition from black and white interesting.. and otherwise enjoyed the movie. Did you know that in the book Dorothy has silver slippers and they changed it to ruby red for the movie?

The break came to an end on a high note.. and now we count down the days till Christmas break arrives..

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