How to Pick Your Next Travel Destination

For those of you not following me on Instagram our spring break trip was to Morocco. When hearing about of plans to go to Morocco a few of my friends and some of our family as well asked us how we decided on Morocco. So here I am sharing our decision process..

Sometimes we plan a vacation with a destination in mind but more often than not we have no idea where we want to go.. we usually know if it's going to be an international trip or domestic but that is where the knowing ends and the figuring out starts.

I usually start with Kayak.. (not a sponsored post) You enter the airport you will fly out of and your perspective dates.. if you don't have dates I think it even gives you an option of seasons or something. And instead of your destination you select anywhere.. ah endless possibilities :)

Click search and wallah! You can narrow down by price, travel time, non stop. Zoom in on certain continents and or countries to explore in more detail.

While we still didn't know where we were going we at least had a narrower list than everywhere and anywhere! Then after we had our list we of countries I checked the weather and said bye bye to Russia, Germany and the UK. It was going to be off season and not warm enough in Greece either. The flight to Prague was inefficient.. flight efficiency is a big deal for M. Meaning a flight going to California with a layover in Maine.. inefficient!!

We didn't feel the boys were ready for South America just yet.. And so after all the research it was settled.. we were going to Morocco.

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Friday Photography

Tailed - In the Florida Everglades, in an air boat, up close and personal with the alligators in their natural habitat. The tour guide tosses a chicken in the air only to have the alligator snap at it before it touches the water. Breathtaking. This photograph was taken when the alligator was in a more serene disposition. A photograph of his tail skimming the surface of the water. Rough ridges and sharp edges yet so graceful.

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Hello everyone.. hope where ever you are you have a little warmth. Our weather is still on the fritz, a mix of 40’s to late 60’s. :(

We are back from our trip but before I get into the details I need to share a little of what’s been going on..

We were at the tail end of our trip when my sister in law (brother’s wife) had a baby boy! Weeks earlier than expected, so unexpected that my brother wasn’t even in the country for the big day :( So when we returned home from our trip on Monday night we already had tickets booked to fly out again on Thursday morning. Unthinkable for M to get more days off the boys and I flew out to meet the new little guy. D had three days worth of homework to entertain him on the plane and a diorama project waiting for him when we returned due on Monday which we thought we’d have the week to do.

We were there for barely two days. M’s sister also lives in Houston so the boys were able to meet so many of their little cousins, D reigning over them as the eldest.

It was a short sweet trip but I think I can speak for the boys and myself when I say we’d be happy to not have to get back on a plane again for sometime.        
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