Isn't Boring Just Great Sometimes

Its been cold for days, weeks, months now and it was fine considering it was winter. But just last weekend..days before it was officially spring not only was the sun shinning but the air was warmer, we brought out our t-shirts, put D in his stroller and took a long walk. And then it was officially spring and it snowed!

Yesterday seemed like nice day, the sun was shining and was just a slight chill in the air.. we decided to head for the park. Maybe have D swing on his first swing. I filled a thermos with hot chocolate, bundled up D and off we went. Our first problem was when D fell asleep the moment his head touched the car seat. We thought no problem we'll just enjoy the sun and some alone time with D sleeping in his stroller. (M has been working late nights for three months now and though it's coming to an end with the end of the month it just feels like enough is enough. We hardly have any time. So this was it. A little us time. We pour two steaming hot cups of chocolate and take our first sips and a cold breeze blows.. and then a second.. we know in that moment it was to good to be true. We pour our hot chocolate back into the thermos and get back into the car and instead drive around for an 1 hour just talking, D still asleep. We talked about the future..way into the future when we've had the kids we've wanted to have and they're all off to college and our life is our own again. Jumping ahead of ourselves, I know!

We waited till be got home to enjoy our hot chocolate.. it still was a pretty good afternoon.. it was the highlight of our weekend.. yes.. we are that boring! And sometimes boring is just perfect.


Something New. Something Sold

It was barely noon and already I had a new listing, was featured in four treasuries and I made a sale. Now that is one awesome morning.. and the cherry on top my little guy let me sleep in till 8:30am. This hasn't happened in the 8months and 22days since he was born. Perfection!
  New: Caged In

Sold: Tailed


We have been having some amazing weather today.. and some more warmth coming our way tomorrow. Wishing you all some sun and warm weathers too.


New: Bloody Sunset

Just listed a brand new photograph Bloody Sunset. It was taken from my parents 11th floor balcony in Karachi, Pakistan. Every evening you could see the sunset from there balcony, each sunset lovely in its own right but on this very evening the sky was an unbelievable red.


A little Voting Love

In order to win a feature on The Guide and an ad space in The Guide's next Voter, I need your help. Send me a little love by voting for my 'Sitting Blue' photograph here at Hand Made Gift Guide

Thank you in advance and have a happy weekend!
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