Stop Worrying About SEO?

I am an avid reader of Designing an MBA I love the tips and advice given by Megan.

I have been struggling with my website.. I created one via wix.com. Put in my heart and soul till it reflected exactly what I wanted. I knew all about the problems of flash and how it is not SEO friendly but at that time wix had been the best option for me (easy to make and wallet friendly). It has always worried me. And I will continue to worry about it's incompatibility with Apple products and other similar devices while I look for a better alternative. But when it comes to my worries about SEO I find my self a bit more at ease.. why?

A few weeks ago I found Megan's post 'Stop Worrying About SEO'. A few of her words 'The reality is that for most of us, our customers aren't making purchasing decisions by hitting Google. They’re finding our products through blogs, social media, and recommendations from friends.' It made sense.. I felt instantly lighter.. and I know about so many of you having these similar worries.. what do you think? Do you agree with what she has to say? Are you worrying a little less? Should I still be worrying too? You can read more of her words and check out a video too over at her blog Designing an MBA

I would love to hear what you have to say and wishing you all a little less to worry about.


  1. uhmmm... i work for an internet marketing company and have many successful websites online that generate an even cash flow. i don't know that i would agree with her statement. i am not going to go read the entire article, so i don't know if there was a 'but' statement, but from what you wrote here, i would not agree with that statement.

    if you are looking to get people from google typing in 'modern art' or whatever keyword you're using, you had better market yourself for that keyword if you want to show up on google close enough to the top for anyone to ever find you. but isn't this customer qualified? they've gone to google and typed in the exact keyword for the product/s/services/s that you're selling. how likely is it for this visitor to convert to a buyer? you'll have to take a look at your visitors vs sales to figure that one out...

    but if you're just wanting the occasional buyer (and i mean like a once a year type thing) then i wouldn't do anything. no marketing. and just sit there and cross your fingers. and hope that someone finds you. and that they are the right visitor to become that buyer that you're looking for.

    but this is all just my opinion and based off of my own websites.

    i hope that everything works out well for you!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. Thanks for your input Paislea.. it is always great to get more information on SEO and ways to bring traffic to ours websites.. It is something so many people struggle with..

  3. wow, to hear that SEO isn't as big of a deal after all is quite a refresher!

  4. hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. I like your blog -following you now!

    I think you probably need a combination of SEO + blogs, word of mouth and social media, not just one.


  5. thanks for the info


  6. Great post! :) Sometimes SEO is not as important as it seems!

    the sydney girl

  7. Woo that's a relief! By the way, thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, really appreciate it!


  8. This is really interesting, and so true I suspect!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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