Sleep Associations: What Happened?

Last week I had written about sleep associations and how M and I were on a mission to break D's sleep association with me. So on Wednesday, instead of Friday like planned we fed D and then put a still awake put sleep D in his crib. And the crying insued. Minutes passed and I couldn't take it anymore so I hopped into the shower to drown out my baby's cries. 35 minutes later D was sound asleep. I had expected it to take longer so we were pleased with the results and that night he woke up only twice. Finally a night of sleep. We continued the cry it out method for the following nights.. with one change. I would first feed D then read him a book before putting him to bed.

And so the next night he cried for 15 minutes.. and then 5 minutes and then no crying at all.. and then today 20 minutes.. but it works.. It really truly does work. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that it would work.

So yay! Now another hurdle.. I leave the country next week for 6 weeks.. with an 11hr time difference. So comes the question of how to deal with a jet lagged baby? Will all our sleep association training go out the window? M won't be travelling with me and I doubt I'll be able to let him cry it out at grandma's house. So will we have to restart again when I come back? That is a problem for another day.. for now I will enjoy getting an almost full nights sleep.. and a few hours at night where M and I can just relax before we go to bed.. no rocking involved.

Sweet dreams everyone.. and incase I don't blog in the next couple of days Happy Holidays!

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