Going Home

It has been just a few days short of 3 years when I left home.. and when I say home I refer to not only my parents home but I also think about how I left behind friends of 14 years, family and a country. In these three years I have missed weddings and babys.. and most of all my family and friends have missed the birth of my baby.. though my father visited shortly when his brother passed away and my brother was here when D was born mostly I miss my mother... but now after three long years I am going home.. with D in tow. I will be there for a little over a month.. attending my sister in laws wedding in the meantime.. M can't get more than a week off so he will join us just for the wedding.. which sucks because by the time his jet lag will wear off it will be time to leave.. and he will be exhausted beyond belief just in time to go back to work, where it'll be the busiest next few months and will only get to slow down once april hits. : (

I am extremely excited.. excited to see everyone again but ever more for everyone to meet D.. who will be travelling with me on a plane alone! Alone I tell you! 18 hours in the air! Can you sense my fear..? Anyone travel with a 6month old before.. any tips? And my kids is not one of those calm ones that likes to just chill in his baby cot.. and will "I'm sure just sleep through the whole trip, they love that noise the airplane makes" as someone told me like I was insane.. plus now with the current snow storm in progress along the east coast my tomorrow morning flight is now an afternoon flight. Meaning now I will miss my connecting flight in Dubai since I will be reaching there around the time I should have been reaching Karachi. So now I have a 5 hour layover and getting home at night instead of the afternoon. And this is all tentative. The storm is just getting started.

Also I've never been apart from M for this long.. actually I don't think I've ever been apart from M more than like a day since the day we got married.. which too was 3 years ago : ) But on the other hand.. I am going home..

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday and have a Happy New Year everyone.. hope you are all surrounded by your loved ones.. Enjoy!

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