Its been 122 days and counting..

It's been one hundered and twenty two days.. that's better... typing out the words gives those days the importance they deserves.. the numbers make them seem quick and easy.. you think I'm crazy I know.. and you have no clue what I'm talking about either.. but it was been one hundered and twenty two days since D was born.. we have made it through the NICU of one hospital and being transfered to the NICU of another. We ploughed through nipple confusion and are nearing the end of colic (hopefully). We are getting through the nights better and we take each day as it comes some good and some not so. He now not only smiles but giggles.. loves the baby in the mirror and sucks, chews and drools on everything..

He got his immunizations today, not happy about that and we are going to be starting on solids from tomorrow. We barely remember life before these one hundred and twenty two days and the funny thing is no ones complaining. Well maybe a little ; )

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Southern Belle said...

Congrats & hope all your days get better =]

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