Counting Down

Yes we have now gotten to the point where the countdowns have begun..
0 days to when my MIL's visa should have arrived.. which is not good news.
3 days to my parents getting back home from their vacation, not speaking to my mom for hours every other day is driving me crazy. I have started to write her detailed emails so she'll be all caught up when she gets back home.
12 days till my brother flies in to spend a month with me. Haven't seen him in two and a half years!
and I don't want to put an actual number to this countdown but lets just say there less than a month left till baby arrives.

And my list of things to do hasn't gotten any shorter and the rainy gloomy weather is just bringing me down.

My shop just earned it's 300th heart.. happy! And I have added many more photographs and art prints so it.. so if you haven't stopped my recently go take a look
Etsy shop there are a number of new things to look at.

I leave you today with an oddly imageless post, I think this is my first ever post not to include any images.. I promise next weeks will be much more photo filled. But for now have a great weekend everyone.. with hopefully more sun and less rain.

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