Launching a Brand New Website

I am so proud to announce that after over a month of hard work and long hours I have finally finished creating my own personal website. And in celebration I am offering one week of free world wide shipping. Check it out.. I am open to comments.. suggestions and constructive criticism :) http://www.henatayebphotography.com


  1. the website looks great!! congratulations!!! looks although all the hard work was worth it :)

  2. Thank you Cassandra, it was a labor of love and I feel so happy to see it complete.

  3. website looks great!!!


  4. I love the dramatic photo on your home page! I didn't see a button/tab to get to your blog tho. But your hard work really paid off!!

  5. Thank you Kathryn. The blog button along with the FB and Twitter buttons are actually placed on the lower right hand corner.. but good to know that it is not easily found. Will look into that.


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